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Since 2014, Feloklear has been known and used by various women across Nigeria to naturally unblock the fallopian tubes without undergoing any invasive medical procedures.  Feloklear is made of 100% natural herbs with no negative side-effects on the body, no preservatives or other artificial substances.

Here are some of the wonderful benefits of using Feloklear Herbal Capsule.

  • Treats vaginal discharge (caused by yeast infection, P.I.D. or Candida albican),
  • Stops abnormal breast milk (caused by high prolactin/hormonal imbalance),
  • Stops flow back of sperm (caused by blockages of the fallopian tubes due to infection)
  • Reduces menstrual pains
  • Boosts enjoyment of intimacy
  • Reduces foul odour
  • Improves vaginal cleanness
  • And generally helps to cleanse the womb and prepare the body for conception

How does Feloklear really work? Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions

Our years of experience, as well as our many testimonials truly explain why so many women trust Feloklear for unblocking of the fallopian tubes and boosting of fertility in women. Click to read more testimonials now.

Active Ingredients

  • Azadirachta  indica
  • Arctiumlappa
  • Allium sativum

Dosage & Administration
Take two capsules of Feloklear Capsule with warm or normal water 10 minutes before breakfast and two capsules 10 minutes before dinner.

For maximum result, use for 60 days (2 months)
Feloklear Herbal Capsule is recognized & approved by NAFDAC

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