Doppelherz Eye Vital Capsules
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When Working at the computer, watching TV and driving a car by night, it can be very exhausting for the eyes. To help maintain a healthy vision, different factors like an adequate supply with specific nutrients play an important role. Eye Vital prevents and delays progress of age related eye disease and cataracts, Relieves eye fatigue (eye pain or strain).

  • Contains 6 mg lutein and 300 µg zeaxanthin – powerful antioxidants that support healthy eyes.
  • 800 µg vitamin A (1450 IU) to help maintain night vision.
  • Vitamin A as retinyl palmitate which is safe for smokers.
  • 250 mg vitamin C, 2.5 mg zinc and 54 IU vitamin E to support neutralization of free radicals that may damage retina cells.
  • One capsule per day.
  • One month supply: 30 capsules

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