Free Flow Herbal Capsule For Men
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FreeFlow Capsules for men is a premium natural fertility capsule specifically designed to support healthy sperm development and increases a man’s chances of fathering a child.
Active Ingredients
Turnera diffusa 150mg
Sambucus nigra 100mg
Juglans regia 250mg

Its amazing formulation contains the right balance of high-quality nutrients and vitamins to support the natural metabolic processes of sperm formation and development.
The active ingredients in FreeFlow Capsule for men have been shown to play a critical role in the development of sperm, and in assuring its quality and performance, by providing energy to the developing sperm cell, while simultaneously protecting it from oxidative stress & bacteria.

Major Health Benefits of FreeFlow Capsule for men

Supports men’s overall reproductive health
Enhances vitality and libido
Protects sperm from free radical damage
Enhances sperm formation and maturation
Enhances sperm motility, count, speed and concentration
Increases blood flow

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