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Levofem is an effective, safe, low-dose oral contraceptive pill that is taken daily to prevent pregnancy. Levofem contains two hormones, Levonorgestrel and Ethinyleestradiol and also contains Ferrous Fumarate. There are 28 easy-to- swallow tablets in Levofem, 21 of those tablets contain hormones and are called the ‘active’ pills while the remaining 7 tablets contain Iron for blood building. The 21 active pills are taken once a day to prevent pregnancy while the 7 pills help you count when to start a new pack while helping to prevent anaemia during your menstrual period.
Women who use Levofem no longer have to worry about unintended pregnancy. Because it has very low dose of these hormones, Levofem has minimal side effects. It is also completely reversible because it leaves the body quickly when you stop using it, so you can get pregnant without delay.

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