Predicte Ovulation Test Kit
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Do you know that even if you are medically alright you can not get pregnant unless you meet your spouse around your ovulation period?

Do you also know that once ovulation occurs, the released egg is fertilizable for only 12 hours?

Do you also know that the timing of the intercourse relative to the ovulation time, affects the outcome of the pregnancy in terms of the sex of the baby?

So, how do you know this all important time?

The answer is PREDICTE OVULATION TEST! PREDICTE OVULATION TEST is a test kit that contains five ovulation test strips and one free pregnancy test strip
Following the instruction in the pack, you will test your urine daily using the PREDICTE OVULATION TEST KIT, until you get a positive result. Positive result means you will ovulate in the next 24-36 hours. This gives you advance notice!

Two weeks after timing and meeting with your spouse, you can use the free PREGNANCY TEST STRIP to confirm if you got pregnant.

  • The PREDICTE PREGNANCY TEST is so sensitive that it can detect pregnancy even before you miss your period!
  • PREDICTE OVULATION TEST is simple to use, the result is instant, so even very busy executives can use it in comfort of their home or office. The result is very easy to interpret and no expert opinion is needed to understand the result.
  • PREDICTE OVULATION TEST is readily available in all the pharmacies around you. Click on the Pharmacies stocking PREDICTE to know the one that is nearest to you.
  • PREDICTE OVULATION TEST is very affordable.

Indeed it is a world of new possibilities-possibilities of naturally achieving conception through timed intercourse, possibilities of naturally increasing the chance of having a boy or a girl; Endless possibilities!

You just can not miss it with PREDICTE OVULATION TEST……all you miss is your period

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